Computer Department

Academic Year 2018-19

  I]  Workshop on “Introduction to basic operation of Computer “Microsoft Office”


Date: 17/12/2018
Audience: Non-Teaching Staff
No of Participant: 12

Shradchandra Pawar College of Engineering Dumbarwadi, otur, conducted a program Introduction to basic operation of Computer “Microsoft Office”, on 17th December 2018 in the college premises. Prof. S. S. Khatal head of Computer Department conducts this program. All the non-teaching staff members participated in this program.

➢ Objective of the Workshop:
• To learn the basic function of Microsoft office.
• To develops familiarity with Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, email, and Internet basics.
➢ Topics covered in this workshop:
• Recognize when to use each of the Microsoft Office programs to create professional and  academic documents.
• Use Microsoft Office programs to create personal, academic and business documents.
• Presentation Skills like Create and edit basic PowerPoint presentations, Use template, color               schemes, animation, slide transition, Insert images including digital pictures.
• Basic word processing operations include editing and saving files, using the clipboard,       recognizing  user interface features, spell check, and printing files.