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Greetings from Department of Computer Engineering.

To become a leading institution for providing the finest technical education and studying to the learners and serve the market and community through excellent education and studying, training programs, extensive interaction with market and highest quality Research.
Our objective is to commit ourselves to achieve fantastic in training, analysis and application of current technological innovation in the field of Computer Engineering , to believe in the unique value of each individual and to create favorable physical and social atmosphere. Computer Engineering department while giving emphasis on building up of basic principles also will seek to enhance exposure to industrial applications by developing necessary facilities. We also devote to make our learners ought to have achieving excellence in their profession/society by the quality of their knowledge as well as their personality and character.To offer quality education and studying in engineering & technology.To encourage analysis and growth activities by getting financed Projects.To offer continuing educational opportunities for staff.

HOD Comp

Dr. Khatal Sunil S.

Associate Professor & Head Of Department

Academic Dean