E&TC Department

Academic Year 2018-19

 Introduction to “Measuring and Testing Equipment’s in the Labs”



Date: 22/12/2018
Audience: Non-Teaching Staff
No of Participant: 12

Department of E&TC, Sharadchandra Pawar College of Engineering Dumbarwadi, Otur, conducted a program on “Use of Electrical and Electronic Equipment’s in Laboratories” in E & TC Labs in the college premises. Prof M. G. Pednekar from E&TC Department conducts this program. All the non-teaching staff members participated in this program.
➢ Objective of the Workshop:
• To learn the basic function of CRO, Function Generator, DSO, Multimeter, Power Supply
• To develop the skill of handling basic of electronic equipment’s.
➢ Topics covered in this workshop:
• Calibration of CRO, Checking of CRO Probes, displaying of waveform on CRO, Measuring of different parameters on CRO.
• Working and functions of function generator.
• Calibration of DSO, How to store and recover waveforms on DSO, Different mathematical operations on DSO. Measuring of different parameters on DSO.
• Checking of resistance, frequency analog and digital voltage, and current on multimeter, checking of connectivity of probes on multimeter.