Extension Activities

The college organizes various extension activities to make the students aware of the community essentials along with the neighborhood community. The students are actively participates in societal activities prominent to their overall development. The college runs effectually National Service Scheme. Through NSS several activities were carried out by NSS volunteers addressing societal issues which include cleanliness,  Environmental awareness, Women empowerment, Aids awareness, Yoga Day, National equality awareness, celebrating Ganesh festival, Shiv Jayanti, Marathi Bhashya Din, Covid Care Centre, Covid 19 awareness program etc. It aims to develop emerging potentials of leadership, patriotism, maintaining discipline, the ideal of self service in the students.

Other than NSS, Our departments is influencing the students into responsible citizens of the our country by making awareness in social issues through various lectures on  Environmental Awareness, Personal Health and Hygiene, Knowledge of Indian constitution, Tree Plantation, Plastic eradication etc. Our students are participates in a various activities like National Festivals, Blood camp and we make them socially responsible and sensitive to facilitate him in the holistic development.

All these activities have positive impact on the students; it established public relationship, made responsiveness among them, built leadership ability, self-confidence, enlightening hidden personality among them.