A.Y. 2019-20

Institutional Distinctiveness

❖ Aim: – NPTEL Local Chapter for Students and Staff.

❖ Objective: – To offer students online certification for courses conducted by IIT under NPTEL Chapter.

❖ The Context:- NPTEL has been offering self-study courses across engineering, humanities and science streams for more than a decade. These are available at: http://nptel.ac.in. From March 2014 NPTEL has been offering online certification for its courses, the highlight being the certification exam through which the student gets an opportunity to earn a certificate form the IITs! These are available at: https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in

❖ The Practice:-
• Heading towards the vision of institute we are always positively trying to give excellence to students. To take this initiative forward and to encourage more students across our college to participate in this initiative, we are setting up NPTEL chapter in our college which will be under the headship of Principal and a faculty member of the college, who would be Single Point of Contact (SPOC) between NPTEL system and College.
• SPOC is kept updated by NPTEL about all the latest NPTEL initiatives and given information which he publicizes among the students.
• SPOC identify suitable mentors for various courses, who can ensure that students are active in a course, are submitting their assignments on time and also clarify the doubts they may have.
• Students are offered open online courses along with certification. Through the online portal, 10 hr, 20 hr and 30 hr courses of 4, 8, and 12 weeks duration respectively in various engineering disciplines and research that includes relevant exposure to tools and technologies, are currently being executed.
• Students and staff are undergoing through following process for entire practice:
1. Enroll to the courses for free.
2. Learn from the weekly video lectures.
3. Download the video contents and clarify your queries with the Professors.
4. Complete the weekly assignments.
5. Register for online certification exam with a nominal fee.
6. Appear for the exam at a proctored exam center.
7. Earn a certificate from the IITs.
• Participants in the course – by receiving quality instruction and education in select topics and skills can improve their employability and widen their knowledge base, get introduced to new domains.
• Faculty members teaching the courses in colleges can sharpen their teaching skills and use this material to supplement their teaching. Course instructors – may utilize this opportunity to connect with a wide spectrum of student community.

❖ Proof of Success:
• Students are able to try pursuing learning in areas other than their expertise and interest through Variety of programs and courses.
• Students of our college have access to hundreds of courses of NPTEL for which they can view, download and copy the required study materials in any form of electronic media.
• Students are aware about information about upcoming courses in IITs and vibrant technologies.

❖ Problems Confronted:
To mold the student’s mentality towards NPTEL Local Chapter without hampering academics was a difficult task. Felt burden of academics to make students to participate in NPTEL. Academic time tables & shortage of time are the constraints. Hence students are appearing based on their adjustment of time.