Mechanical Department

Academic Year 2018-19

“Introduction and hands on practice for Basic Operation of Workshop Equipment”


Date: 29/12/2018
Audience: Non-Teaching Staff
No of Participant: 12

Shradchandra Pawar College of Engineering Dumbarwadi, otur, conducted a program “Introduction and hands on practice for basic operation of Workshop Equipment” on 29th December 2018 in the college premises. Prof. S. Z. Jadhav from Mechanical Department conducts this program. All the non-teaching staff members participated in this program.
➢ Objective of the Workshop:
• To learn the basic function of various material removing tools.
• To learn how to finishing the job by using various material removing tools and for removing material how and what amount of force is to be applied.
➢ Topics covered in this workshop: • How to perform the material removing operation like Reciprocating filing in which the file teeth are angled so that material is removed on each down stroke of the tool. • Drilling operation in which the rotating tool feed vertically into stationary work piece to create a hole.
• Wood machining in which perform the operation like sawing.