Minutes of Meeting


Meeting was held on Feb 15, 2019 at 10.30 am in the first floor Seminar hall of the Institute. Following members were present for the meeting:

1) Prof. Chinchole M.G, HOD E&tc Department SPCOE

2) Prof. Kurhade N.V, AP, SPCOE

3) Prof. Auti V.R, F.E Coordinator,SPCOE

4) Prof. Jadhav S.Z, HOD Mechanical Department SPCOE

5) Dr. Dama G.N

6) Mr. Chavan S.R

Principal, Dr G U Kharat welcomed the IQAC members and made aware the progress of the institute and briefed the achivments of SPCOE.

IQAC Coordinators K.S. Kore presented the progress on overall  college development;key points discussed were;

Achivments of institute viz.

  • Review of the Academic year 2017-2018
  • To Review the Results of Academic Year 2017-2018
  • To discussed about applying the various workshop and conferences etc.
  • To Take the Review of admission in year 2018-2019
  • To dissolve IIMC and to continue its working under IQAC.
  • To fit Solar proof Top System for increasing green energy.
  • Campus infrastructure Development.


The HOD of  E&TC Department prof. Chinchole M.G appreciated efforts of all stake holders in overall growth of the institute. He commended the use of e-copy of agenda and reduction of papers.He also appreciated the keep sense of social responsibility of Management, Faculty, Staff and student for flood relief work .

Prof. Kurhade N.V, AP, SPCOE said that another motivational factor is the reimbursement of NPTEL. Course exam fee to Faculty members and student on securing the Elite catogary .He mentioned that these courses helps faculty members to alleviate their subject matter knowledge and further benefits to students. He always Motivates Faculty and students to publish technical papers in reputed journals.

Further on improving employment; Prof. Jadhav S.Z, HOD Mechanical Department SPCOE emphasized the importance of training program like ISO awareness. He also suggested faciliting the training programs for higher education viz GATE,MPSC,UPSC,GRE,TOEFL,IELTS, foregign languages.

A Discussion was held on alumni association Prof. R. S. Bansode TPO, SPCOE explained the present alumni interaction process .

IQAC Coordinator K.S Kore summarized the meeting and proposed the vote of thanks with firm assurance of further improving the institute in terms of quality.


Meeting was held on Jan 28, 2019 at 10:30 AM in the first floor conference hall of the college. Following members were present for the meeting:

Principal, Dr G. U. Kharat welcomed the IQAC members and made aware the progress of college & briefed the achievement of SPCO0E in attaining the NAAC “B”.

IQAC Coordinator, Prof. R. S. Bansode presented the progress on overall college development; key points discussed were: –

  • Collaboration with industries.
  • Audit course for improving employability viz.
  • Foreign (Japanese) languages.
  • providing facilities like Smart rooms, Campus wide Wi-Fi.
  • Exploring conduction of training programs for development of Students.
  • Mentoring and Counseling activities and its benefits to students.

Prof. M. G. Chinchole stated that getting B certification is creditable and it is important to ensure sustainable system. He suggested that for further improvements we have to address each segment of society. He ideated to take help of Alumni to develop State of the art College. He suggested taking maximum support of Students and Alumni for improving the brand value of the Institute. He put his view that when an Alumni talk at different Forum image generation of Institute happens convincingly. He articulated the way to make maximum benefits from students in following ways:

  • Alumni should make presentation for campus interview
  • Introduction of the Institute by Alumni to industry
  • Tie-ups with Alumni
  • Maintenance of Alumni data with their achievements / successes and it should be constantly updated
  • Keep updating alumni about recent developments/achievements of SPCOE through phone calls/whatsapp/email/other social media platforms
  • Put success stories of Alumni in the magazines

Prof. R. S. Bansode explained the present alumni interaction process and apprised regarding Alumni meets and contributions.

The Industry member, Mr Prashant Takalkar , appreciated installation of wi-fi in campus. He accentuated the importance of digitization. He also praised the substantial achievements in Sports, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities. He admired the participation of Faculty and Students in  NPTEL courses. He congratulated Faculty members excelling in NPTEL course as learner and mentor. He further commended the approach of mapping all Institute Level activities with Mission, Goal & SWOC. He appealed Faculty members to increase the research publications in reputed journals.

He further suggested having paperless office and resorting to emails over paper communication.

Dr G. U. Kharat proposed the vote of thanks and with permission of chair declared the conclusion of meeting.