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Two Day’s State Level Workshop on “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” Dated 10th & 11th February 2020

The Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Sharadchandra Pawar College of Engineering Organized the two day’s State Level Workshop on “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” on 10th & 11th February 2020 in association with Board of Student’s Development, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.

  • Title: Two day’s State Level Workshop on “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE”
  • Resource person:
  1. Tushar B. Kute Associate Director, MITU SKILLOGIES, Pune
  2. Rashmi Thorve, Managing Director, MITU SKILLOGIES, Pune
  3. Aniket Thorave, R&D Engineer MITU SKILLOGIES, Pune
  4. Attarde G. L, Director, GB Softronics, Nasik.
  • Coordinator: Rahul S. Bansode & Prof. Mrs. Neeta B. Bankhele
  • About workshop:
  • The workshop commenced with welcome speech by Dr. G. U. Kharat (Principal, SPCOE, Dumbarwadi) and Prof. M. G. Chinchole (Student Development Officer & Head, E&TC Dept., SPCOE, Dumbarwadi). Prof. M. G. Chinchole welcomed the experts and participants and explained the objectives and importance of the workshop.

    During the workshop Mr. Tushar B. Kute Associate Director, MITU SKILLOGIES, Pune,   Mrs. Rashmi Throve, Managing Director, MITU SKILLOGIES, Pune,  Mr. Aniket Thorave, R&D Engineer MITU SKILLOGIES, Pune were focused on points in concerned with Artificial Intelligence:


    Duration: Two day’s (10th & 11th February 2020)

    • How many students have attended this workshop: 48
    • Topics covered in this Workshop:
    • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • What is Artificial Intelligence?
    • What is Machine Learning?
    • Data Mining and Data Analytics
    • Uses and Abuses
    • How do machine learn?
    • Training the data
    • Generalization
    • Steps of Machine Learning
    • Types of Machine Learning
    • Matching data to Machine Learning
    • Pre-requisites of AI and ML
    • Introduction to numpy
    • Creating the n darray
    • Introduction to matplotlib. pyplot
    • Plotting line graphs, bar charts
    • Histograms
    • Getting the Datasets
    • Why csv files?
    • Introduction to Pandas
    • Reading Datasets
    • Dataframe & Series
    • Accessing rows and columns
    • Accessing values in data cell
    • DataFrame operations
    • Operating on NaN values
    • Creating filters
    • Exporting Datasets
    • AI & Machine Learning Initiation
    • Data Pre-processing intuition
    • Importing Libraries
    • Importing Dataset
    • Handling Missing Data
    • Categorical Data
    • Training and Testing data
    • Feature Scaling or Standardization
    • AL & Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Linear Regression Simple example
    • Importing Datasets (Experience)
    • Data preprocessing
    • Training and Testing split
    • Characterizing regression
    • Find coefficients and intercepts
    • Visualization
    • Applications
    • Multi Linear Regression
    • Importing Datasets (Car data)
    • Data preprocessing
    • Feature scaling
    • Training and Testing split
    • Characterizing Regression
    • Find coefficients and intercepts
    • Finding accuracy
    • K-Means Clustering
    • Unsupervised learning flow
    • What is clustering?
    • K-means clustering
    • Generalized algorithm
    • Limitations and use cases
    • Importing datasets (Customers)
    • Finding the clusters (Elbow method)
    • The K-means() function & attributes
    • Visualize the elbow
    • Finding the clusters
    • Centroids
    • Visualize the clusters


    • Outcomes of attending the workshop:
    • The workshop on Artificial Intelligence added new scopes to educate concepts and proficiency among the students in the field of new revolution of the Artificial Intelligence.
    • Learned the basics of Python.
    • The workshop mainly focused on the students eager to learn Artificial Intelligence with python.
    • Learned the concepts of Linear Regression, Multi Linear Regression, K-Means Clustering.