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Workshop on Antenna Design and Simulation

We Sharadchandra Pawar College of Engineering conducted a Two days’ Workshop on “Antenna Design & Simulation” during 24th & 25th January 2017 sponsored by Board of Student’s Welfare, SPPU, Pune.

The objective of this workshop was to acquaint the participants with the basic principles, developments and research trends in the area of antennas and wave propagation. The workshop has covered the perfect combination of theory and practical sessions in the well balanced manner. This workshop will certainly help students to improve technical skill set and hence employability, and the engineering faculty members to improve teaching methodology and efficiency. 52 participants have actively participated with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. The entire workshop was conducted in a systematic manner.

All the faculty and staff members actively participated in the event to make it a grand success.

Detail Report Of Workshop:

Title: Antenna Design & Simulation

Event Date:24/01/2017 7 25/01/2017

Resource person: 1. Mr. Anirudha Kulkarni, 2. Mr. Mukund Bhopale, 3. Prof. R. S. Parbat

Coordinator: Prof. Chinchole M.G (HOD E&TC Dept.)

Duration: It’s a Two day workshop. From 24/01/2017 to 25/01/2017. In this Two-day course, student gained valuable hands-on experience.

No. of students attended this workshop:  52.

Software Tools: HFSS Simulation Software.

Hardware tools: GPS Receiver, Valkie-Talkie Trainer, Wire antenna fabrication kits.

About Workshop: It gives an opportunity for participants from academic institution to get acquainted with unconventional applications of Microwave along with design,  simulation, and fabrication of basic RF/microwave antennas that includes microstrip patch antenna, various wire antennas. Furthermore, individual participants will be befitted with hands-on with HFSS session followed by fabrication and measurements.

Topics covered in this Workshop:

Day 1

  • Keynote session on Current Status and Perspectives of Antennas, Past present & future of RF Antenna
  • Antenna design and its mathematics
  • Design software’s and their utilization design example (Hands-on)
  • Design & fabrication of directional antenna, omni- antenna, Measurements facts (Hands-on)

Day 2

  1. Antenna Duality Theory – Transmit and receive mode, Types of antenna.
  2. How to read spectrum & network analyzer reading with their interpretation.
  3. Measurement of Gain, directivity, HPBW, Antenna factor, Null BW, Array Resolution Using antenna measurement system) Radiation mechanism
  4. Fabrication practice and Testing using Spectrum analyzer (Hands-on)
  5. RF Link Analysis and Link budget for free space area with GPS system (Hands-on)
  1. Antenna design & simulation has been carried out by HFSS-EM simulation software.

Skills Gained

  • Understanding the trends in advanced antenna research and design.
  • Understanding trends in commercial use of advanced antennas that enable improved communication, data transfer, and other methods of standoff data collection.
  • The objective is to provide hands on antenna design and fabrication of real-time applications with testing by Spectrum analyzer and GPS link budget measurement.
  • The workshop also contributes to the practical aspects of antenna design and their use in engineering science and design.

Outcomes of attending the workshop:

  • Mathematics behind the antenna design and radiations has been cleared.
  • Signal conversions of mw to dbm are focused.
  • Practical antenna considerations for mobile, cell site and satellite applications are learned.
  • Design approach for wire antennas including- dipole antenna, helical antenna, yagi antenna, spiral antennas, slot antennas, loop antennas are learned and manufactured the same.
  • Designed antennas are tested by using RF-link analysis procedure.
  • Antenna design has been carried out by HFSS-EM simulation software.

Conclusion: In this workshop, antenna basics, antenna mathematics and radiation mechanism of antenna is theoretically and practically covered by means of hands on of various types antenna design and simulation point of view. Also RF-link budget carried out against designed antenna. GPS tracking for geographical area has been carried out with lot of enthusiasm.