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Workshop on Embedded System

We Sharadchandra Pawar College of Engineering conducted a Two days’ Workshop on “Embedded System (ARM Processor)” during 20th & 21st March 2017 sponsored by Board of Student’s Welfare, SPPU, Pune.

The objective of this workshop was to acquaint the participants with to understand the state of art in ARM Processor based Embedded System design. The student will be able to do programming in embedded programming in C, C++. The student will understand Linux operating system and device driver. The participants will demonstrate the knowledge of Raspberry Pi.

42 participants have actively participated with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. The entire workshop was conducted in a systematic manner.

All the faculty and staff members actively participated in the event to make it a grand success.

Detail Report of Workshop:

Title: Embedded System (ARM Processor)

Event Date:20/03/2017 & 21/03/2017

Resource person: Mr. M. D. Thakur, Mr. N. G. Shinde, Mr. M. P. Aher, Mr. G. M. Kulkarni

Coordinator: Prof. Chinchole M.G (Student Welfare Officer)

Duration: It’s a Two day workshop from 20/03/2017 to 21/03/2017. In this Two-day course, student gained valuable hands-on experience.

No. of students attended this workshop:  42.

Software Tools: Eclipse, Keil uVision, Flash Magic, Linux Operating System.

Hardware tools: Computers, LPC2148 Kit, AT91RM9200 Kit, Raspberry Pi Kit etc.

About Workshop: This workshop will help to understand the Embedded System design issues. Students will learn real time operating system concepts. It will also give brief exposure to understand the Embedded Linux environment and to learn Embedded Software Development and testing process.

Topics covered in this Workshop:

Day 1:

  1. Keynote Session on basic concept in Embedded System Design.
  2. Following hands on are performed in laboratory:
  • ARM7/ ARM Cortex- M3&μCOS – II Based Practice:
    • Semaphore as signaling & Synchronizing on ARM7/ ARM Cortex- M3Outline of the basic network configurations.
    • Multitasking in μCOS II RTOS using minimum 3 tasks on ARM7/ ARM Cortex- M3.
    • Implementation of MUTEX using minimum 3 tasks on ARM7/ ARM Cortex- M3.


  • ARM9 & LINUX Based Practice.
  1. Download pre-configured Kernel Image, File System, boot loader to target device- ARM9.
  2. Writing simple application using embedded Linux on ARM9.
  3. Using Device driver for GPIO, write a program to blink LED onARM9.

Day 2

Following hands on are performed in laboratory:

  • Raspberry-Pi/ARM11 Based Practice.
  1. Overview of different models of Raspberry-Pi.
  2. Peripherals of Raspberry P.
  3. Pin numbering formats of Raspberry Pi.
  4. Updating Pi to latest software.
  5. Connecting Pi to network and troubleshooting.
  6. Connecting Raspberry Pi to Remote Access Client.
  7. Pi based project: LED running lights, Button interfacing, UART interfacing.

Outcomes of attending the workshop:

  • Get insight of design metrics of Embedded Systems to design real time applications to match recent trends in technology.
  • Understand Real time systems concepts.
  • Understand Linux operating system and device drivers.
  • Get to know the hardware – software co design issues and testing methodology for Embedded system.
  • To know basics and hand on of Raspberry Pi.

Conclusion: This workshop covered basic terminologies regarding Embedded System and various ARM architectures. Participants got the architectural and design track right from ARM7/ ARM Cortex- M3&μCOS – II, ARM9 & LINUX to the latest Raspberry-Pi/ARM11 Based system.