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Workshop On “Object-Oriented Analysis & Design”

Sharadchandra Pawar College of Engineering has Organized two day’s workshop on “Object-Oriented Analysis & design” on February 2nd & 3rd, 2018 in association with Board of Student’s Development, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.

Title: Two day’s State Level Workshop on “Object-Oriented Analysis & Design”

Resource person:

  1. Aniruddh Shendrikar, Technology Lead, Infosys Limited, Hinjewadi, Pune
  2. Kalyan Kapse, Technology Lead, Infosys Limited, Hinjewadi, Pune
  3. Mahendra Niturkar,  Technology Lead, Symantec, Kharadi, Pune

Convener: Kunal S. Kore

(Head, Department of Computer Engineering, SPCOE, Dumbarwadi, Pune)

Coordinator: Santosh S. Kale

Co-coordinator: Kapil D. Dere

About workshop:

Mr. Aniruddh Shendrikar, Mr. Kalyan Kapse and Mr. Mahendra Niturkar conducted the workshop to explain students in understanding the concepts of the Object-Oriented Analysis & Design. They have taken about 16 hours of theoretical and practical sessions.

Mr. Anirudhh Shendrikar started the workshop with a very creative introductory session on 2nd February 2018. First of all he has explained the concepts which will be very helpful for use of  Object-Oriented Analysis & Design concepts in industry, using power point presentations. In this theoretical explanation part, Mr. Kalyan Kapse explained the Dev c++ 5.11software and use of this software for further practical implementation in Object-oriented Analysis & Design. They have also given a brief idea about challenges OOAD can address along with introduction to SOLID design principles.

In the Practical sessions, they have taken example Object Oriented patterns, programming fundamental, how enterprise software are managed. They have also explained Waterfall & Agile methods. On 3rd February 2018, Mr. Mahendra Niturkar has taken practical session on real world applications of OOP software design through banking parameter system.

Mr. Aniruddh Shendrikar and Mr. Kalyan Kapse had taken theoretical explanation part of C++ , STLs and Practical Coding exercise on the same day.

Duration: Two day’s workshop on February 2nd & 3rd, 2018.

How many students have attended this workshop: 62

Topics covered in this Workshop:

  • Understanding the challenges OOAD can address (Power Point Presentation).
  • Introduction to SOLID design principles.
  • Introduction to OOP Design patterns, programming fundamentals.
  • How enterprise software’s are managed? Waterfall & Agile Method.
  • Real-world application of OOP software design through banking parameter system.
  • C++ STLs and Coding exercise.

Outcomes of attending the workshop:

  • This workshop added new scope to educate concepts and proficiency among the students in the field of Object-Oriented Analysis & Design.
  • Workshop has definitely enhanced the analysis, design & programming skills of the students which will give an advantage to them in their career.
  • This Workshop gained students practical knowledge in the field of object-oriented analysis & design and enhances their Creativity.
  • Received large volumes of usable content within a compressed amount of time.
  • Students executed the coding of program & handled errors in C++ programs.
  • Learned software like Dev C++ 5.11.