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“Workshop on “Solar Panel Installation & Developing the LED Tube Light & Bulbs”

The Two day workshop held by Electronics and Telecommunication Department on 9th & 10th March 2019 for students. The workshop was inaugurated in presence Principal Dr. G.U. Kharat and Guest Speakers. The event was started with introductory speech of Dr. G.U. Kharat.

LED Light & Bulbs Development:- The session was started with introduction of design and implementation of torch circuit by using LED. The theoretical procedure to design the torch by using LED was explained. Then by using Zero PCB, three LED’s are connected to 220 Ω resistors in series then it is connected to 9 V batteries. In this way, simply design one circuit which is used as household application. This procedure was explained to each student along with the practical session for better understanding of students.

Solar Panel Installation: Global overview of Power Development. • Global overview of Renewable Energy , Development including Solar, Basic principles of Solar Power (Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Dish Type, Solar Tower) • Manufacturing process for Solar Photovoltaic and Solar thermal equipment’s • Use and handling procedure of solar panels, energy storage, control and conversion • Basic electrical system and functioning of various electrical devices • AC and DC Supply essentials • Components of Solar Systems • mechanical equipment’s and its functioning • maintenance procedure of equipment’s • site survey, design and evaluation of various parameters • tools involved in installation of system • quality and process standards • occupational health and safety standards • waste management and disposal procedures and standards • importance of wearing protective clothing and other safety gear while • carrying out installation • precautions e taken while handling different electrical and mechanical products


  1. S. J. Chaudhari, Cikhali
  2. Rajesh Mapari, Chikhali
  3. Sanjay Bhore, Thane