A.Y. 2020-21

Best Practices

Two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution

1. Title of Practice: Financial Assistance Scheme for students.

       Aim: – To support the student’s financial Assistance for Education.

      1.1 Objective:

  • To supply pecuniary support to the able needy students.
  • To enable student access to higher education by providing funds and financial guidance.
  • To assist qualified students in meeting their educational goals through effective utilization of financial assistance.

       1.2 The Context:

  • The institute is situated in the hilly area of Junnar taluka. Most of the students are from financially weaker sections and from backward classes. The college has provided financial support to such students.

       1.3 The Practice:

  • Late Shri Vilas Tambe scholarship is provided to all the needy students admitted in the institute. In addition, the institute provides assistance to the students to get scholarships from various agencies. The institute helps poor students in their education through the “Earn and Learn Scheme” of the institute in collaboration with Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. Some students are very poor and unable to survive with their basic needs. To such students, the institute provides free accommodation and canteen facilities at a reasonable cost.

         1.4 Evidence of Success:- 

  • Late Shri Vilas Tambe scholarship is awarded to a total of 260 students for Rs 5374473/- 
  • Students have taken advantage of the “Earn and Learn Scheme”. But due to the covid-19  pandemic student was not able to take the benefit of the Earn & Learn Scheme.  

        1.5 Problems Encountered and Resources Required:  

  • The earn and learn scheme cannot be implemented due to the covid-19 pandemic. 


2. Title of Practice: COVID care health center at college to help rural people.

     Aim: To support rural & poor people for covid-19 patients. 

      2.1 Objective: 

  • To start Covid-19 care health center with oxygen & ICU beds. 
  • To get economical treatment for patients. 
  • To avoid the movement of population in & out from village to city. To strengthen infection control practices.

      2.2 The Context: 

  • In 2020 covid-19 pandemic hit India and the first case was found in Maharashtra at  Pune. Pune belongs to 27 hubs and destinations for education for students from all over  India, Movement of the general population in and out of Pune is huge. Covid 19 cases increase in Junnar also. So institute has decided to start a Covid care center at  Sharadchandra Pawar College of Engineering. The main motto of starting the Covid care center at college was to control the spreading of covid-19 by treating infected patients at this center.

     2.3 The Practice: 

  • To start Covid care center at institute principal requested our secretory Vaibhav  Tambe sir. Vaibhav Tambe sir permitted us to start the Covid care center at our institute and said whatever help you want, I will be ready for that. Our secretory made a group of doctors from Otur and started the Covid center at our institute. Instantly we got permission for a 20-bed hospital. The hospital was divided into three parts i.e. ICU beds, Oxygen beds, and asymptotic patient beds. Institute also provided a food facility to all patients so that the movement of relatives is avoided. 

       2.4Evidence of Success: 

  • Vighnhar Covid care health center treated about 305 corona patients during a pandemic. About the all patient were cured.

       2.5 Problems encountered and resources required: 

  • Infrastructural changes were required at the time of starting of Covid care center. Initially, we were not exactly aware of the spreading of the Covid 19 virus, so the study of those required skilled doctors is required. 
  • Procurement of PPE kits. 
  • Procurement of drugs.
  • Availability of oxygen.